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A detailed guide for using a butt plug (for beginners)

Butt plugs are one of those amazing sex toys that you should readily invest in. In case, you are experiencing a sense of monotony during masturbation, anal sex or even intercourse, you should certainly prefer buying a butt plug. Unlike other sex toys, butt plugs are built to be positioned in your ass with zero in and out movements. No matter if you are a guy or girl, you can use this hot sex toy without any hesitation. Heard about butt plug for first time? No idea how to use it for more pleasure? Let’s talk about it below:

1. Clean it

There are different butt plugs for different anal sizes (anal toys range (click to view at SexToys247)). However, you should clean it up and check if it is really safe to insert in your butt. …

5 Wedding day gift ideas for your husband

You are going to be married once in a lifetime. So, why not make it a memorable day by gifting him something creative and unique? Gifts are not only tangible things, instead they represent endless love, emotions and tell a person how important they are. If you are gearing up to gift your soulmate something special on wedding day, here are a few gift ideas that you should not miss considering at all:

1. Go artistic with a handcrafted card

There may be a humongous range of gift cards for every category, but no card (available in the market) can beat the charm of a handcrafted card. If you are not having any creative ideas or are feeling anxious because of your non-creative trait, you need not bother. Just explore some amazing ideas for making cards (for beginners) on Pinterest …

Bra Rules A Girl Should Always Follow

We cannot think of going out without slipping in to bras even once, but still we hate that itchy and heavy feel that they keep on offering us. There exists a ‘love and hate’ relationship between sumptuous ladies and bras. We find it shitty to wear them all day long, but we cannot manage a single without them. No matter how much you dislike the concept of putting on bras, here are some strict bra rules that a girl should always follow:
1.Don’t wash the in machine
Bras require special care and attention for cleaning. Never make the mistake of washing your plush soft bras in washing machines. The results will not be pleasant to see! They can shrink and their quality can also be poorly affected. Instead of washing machine, wash them delicately with your hands in lukewarm water. …


Cute Things Guys Do That Melt A Girl’s Heart!

Boys don’t speak their emotions out every day, but they do certain things intentionally or unintentionally that make her go ‘aww’. These cute little things make her cheerful even if she is having a terrible day. These are a few things which melt a girl’s heart in seconds:

1. When he tells you why he adores you so much

When he randomly tells you about why he loves to be around you and why he loves you so damn much, you will have to agree that you find this gesture ‘super-cute’.

2. When he concentrates solely on you and your talks

Most of the guys don’t have patience or interest to listen to his girl’s conversations. In a room full of persons, if he is focusing only on you and your talks, you will feel overwhelmed indeed. Obviously, who won’t …

Enjoy a Real Penetrative Sex with the Pocket Pussies

Are you feeling the pain inside your body since your girlfriend is away? No worries! You can easily the big pussy, which you can carry inside your pocket. It gives you the realistic experience and thus you can get rid of the pain since you can get a better sex arousal now, Also, you have your pussy with you that gives you the real feel of penetration.

Different Types of Pocket Pussies

The Elite Realistic Vibrating Vagina really helps you to get rid of the worries since you can now get a deep penetration along with a good touch. The depth is about 7 inches with a width of 8 inches that make the stuff an ideal one. Also, the vibrating and temperature effect helps you to feel better and you can thus enjoy the great sexual pleasure.

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